By default, each document in your printer queue is treated as a separate print job. However, there may be cases where you need to combine multiple documents (email + attachments) into a single print job or include page numbers for all documents. This action allows you to achieve that, but please note the following limitations:

  • Only certain attachment types can be merged together, such as PDF, Word, Excel, Images, txt, xml, and more.*
  • The consolidation process may take additional time.

Print documents in a single print job

  • On this printer: It lists all the printers installed, clicking on 'Settings' let you add specifics printer settings like margin, tray, duplex mode,...
  • Add a stamp: Added to the page, it can be page number, text Received on date, Shipped,... what you want in fact.
  • To save paper, you can group multiple pages per sheet: Select the number of page to print per sheet (not working in some cases).