Perfect for archiving purposes, combine your email body and attachments into a single PDF file.

Convert email and attachments in single pdf

  • Folder: Set the local or network folder, you can include variables fields. If folder doesn't exist, it will be created automatically.
    • NOTE: If you are using a network folder, avoid using folder shortcuts like x:, as these shortcuts are not accessible in Windows service mode (when no user is logged in). Please use the actual network shortcut, such as \\myserver\disk\folder.
  • File: Enter the filename you want, include fields to get unique filename. You can also use the functions to extract part of the field, read more here »
  • Paper size: Define the PDF size.
  • Add a stamp: Applied to the document pages, it can be page number, text Received on date, Shipped, ...
  • Merge email body with attachment(s): Specify if you want to merge email with attachment or merge only all attachments.

  • Merge email body first: Define if you want to print first the email or the attachments.

  • Use this template: Select the data model printed with email body, you can also add or edit templates.

  • Use these email data: By default, it uses the html email data, but you can force to use other email data or a specific part of the email using the Data Extractor (see here »).

  • You can set a condition to process only attachment based on filename: As it is described you can use a condition to print only specific file, for example to print only pdf: 'Contains' '.pdf'