Your situation:

You have a requirement to print or save an email and/or its attachments on a network path (e.g., \\\foldername\). This functionality functions properly when Automatic Email Manager is open within your Windows session. To accommodate the usage on a desktop or server where users frequently log in and out, you have configured AEM to run as a Windows service.

However... When you log off from Windows, AEM operates as a Windows service, and the printing or saving of the email and attachments to the network path no longer functions.


The issue you're encountering is due to your printer or network driver being unavailable in Windows services mode, which occurs when no user is logged in to Windows. This is not a problem specific to Automatic Email Manager, but rather a security measure implemented by Windows, which restricts access to certain resources in the absence of a user login.

However, there is a solution. You can address this by opening the Windows services and modifying the AEM service. In the login panel, change the default account connection to a specific user who has the necessary access to the network driver. By doing so, the functionality should work as intended.