You can effortlessly run an external program or script every time a new email arrives. This feature is used daily by customers to smoothly integrate data into enterprise systems like ERP/CRM or production systems.

Execute a script when new email is present

- Run an external program: Select the program or script you want to launch when a new email comes in. You can include parameters in the command line. Remember to put quotes around each variable and separate the parameters with spaces.

Note: This action doesn't wait for a response from your program or script. It simply starts the program/script and then moves on to the next action.

Here some samples of batch script when an email is coming (use Notepad to edit a Batch script and save it with file extension .bat):

Call an URL to post data from your email, in this sample, it calls a webservice to send an SMS:
@echo off
set ""
curl %URL%

Another sample to call an ERP program with the new email filepath to import:
@echo off
start MyErpProgram.exe "file=%1"

Contact us if you are not familiar with script or make a research on internet (ChatGpt is good with this type of request).